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Sep 22, 2014 / 1 note

Patience in a Cake

What am I learning? I know God may allow things to happen in my life in order to stir up what’s already there.  Baking a cake takes time to measure, mix, and bake.  To cool, to ice, and finally to add a decorative touch in the final looks.  Patience.  I rush to, “I want to decorate” or even eat it NOW and I need to recognize the joy and hard work at each stage of the baking process. Just like in life. It’s been a while since I baked a cake. 

Sep 18, 2014

High Hope; Very Low Results

Well……. Here is my attempt at making greek yogurt pancakes on the morning of my day with two exams.  I thought I could still take it slow. And maybe create something beautiful like other Pinterest bloggers/moms of young children who seem to have all the time in the world to take pics of their food, and this is what I ended up with.  But, as you can see, I have potential to win some and definitely the ability to lose some.  It got me down, but not down enough.  I have a cake to bake and decorate for a wedding shower coming up in a few days. Let’s hope it allows me to achieve that chi, and not the opposite. 

Here’s where I got that recipe for the pancakes:

Sep 13, 2014

I Have Mono; Let Me Bake

…. not get baked, but bake.  Having mono causes me to have a pretty sedentary life for about five more weeks.  I have a few choices on how to handle this. I can pout and become grumpy due to the fact that I’m not even allowed to raise my heart rate (what kind of life is that?!) Does that mean every time Joe leans into kiss me I’ve got to push him away because ohhh nooo there goes my heart.  Let’s hope he doesn’t send me into cardiac arrest. ;) My other choice is to dream, and ultimately practice baking for my future bakery, “Abigail’s”.  With the time I have to spend with God now, and the luxury of living at home in the fall, I’ve got the time to take my time, if that makes any sense.  Like bugs, there are some i never even notice and just kill them because they are useless to me. But my mom was even mentioning the fact that she was admiring a preying mantice  (sp?) the other day and I’m like, you were admiring a preying mantice?? HAHA I love her and would love to be half the woman she is so I think I’ll start with taking time to smell the roses… or make friends with bugs. Here is my first creation of the fall at Abigail’s! It really turned out! Recipe here: 

Jun 15, 2014

we’ve been lonely too long.  

You’ve helped me reach what I thought I never could.  

Swirling angst welled up as December came to a close. 

Who knew that the words of resolution, “meet my love”, that I wrote would happen on the last day of that childish year?

So let me hold your hand and we’ll dance ‘round and around. 

You’ve allowed me to grow 

And bloom into someone I never thought I was capable of. 

Your dependency on HIm has directly blessed me.

Your faithfulness to Him has drawn me closer to you.

Your heart for service and reaching the unreached has got me excited for the future. 

Your spontaneity keeps me smiling and entertained.

Though I know you’re not perfect, I know that you’re perfect for me.

God made you for me. And I’ve finally found that puzzle piece.

Let’s continue to build that puzzle; one that creates an image of His kingdom. 

Everyday is a step closer to knowing you and with that, comes loving you more everyday and I thank God for that.  

My life without you has been a blessing filled with dreams, but after you have entered my life, my dreams have started to come true…The colors of flowers are brighter, my feet are lighter, the smell of a bakery is sweeter, and the sight of the ocean is shinier.  

I lean into you and you into me. I know there will be times when our shoulders rub, but I’ll never cease to be a complete support as we fall into each other’s arms.   

So we’re no longer lonely.  Forever yours, Abbie

May 15, 2014

Our War; my war. 

I can’t let it go.. the thing I hate 

What I hate most; 

I feel the warmth of it’s familiarity. 

My senses numbed; voices unheard. 

Dull; I feel alone.

Frozen; I accomplish nothing.

Paralyzed; I feel no pain. 

Not only pain, but happiness too. 

All I know is fear… the tight constriction in my lungs.

My war; I damn it everyday. 

It’s like we play. I’m over it, then I’m under it. 

Then I don’t know which way is up. Up becomes down.

Down is now up. or maybe sideways. 

I’m dizzy. 

Choir, lift me up; help me see more. 

Bigger, better, stronger; I know it’s out there. 

May 14, 2014

Like lullabies you are,
Forever in my mind.
I see you in all,
The pieces in my life.

May 11, 2014

Fast hit back into reality after a four month superficial high.  Has it all been superficial?  no. Has it been insensitive and flippant? I’d say so

Apr 22, 2014

I wouldn’t usually pick this song above others but I have a new appreciation for the song as well as the artist.  The end of the song, starting at 3:15 is a round between three parts.  At her concert, Christina Perri split the audience into three groups and basically conducted us all to sing our own parts for over five minutes. It was so powerful.  I have chills while listening to it even now.  I was truly inspired after going to her concert last weekend in Cincinnati at the Southgate House.  It made me want to be a music teacher even more. She was full of energy…and tats.  An engaging performer and her songs sound much better live.  I was also with a very special person which made for a cheesy romantic night; we embraced it.